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A Full Stack Developer who loves to code..

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Bringing your web development ideas to life with a full stack approach that encompasses everything from front-end design to back-end functionality.


My full stack development strategy incorporates creativity with a blend of technical knowledge and design skills to produce web applications that work flawlessly, have amazing visuals, and offer exceptional user experiences.


I'm passionate about going above and above for clients as a full stack developer. I take charge of each project and go above and beyond to make sure every component is extensively tested, optimised, and fully functional, resulting in high-quality output.

Hard Work

I am a full stack developer with a strong work ethic. I'm committed to investing the time and energy necessary to produce outstanding projects that satisfy the objectives of my clients. I regularly push myself to learn new programming languages and technologies.

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About MeTransform Your Website with Top-Notch Full Stack Development!

Hey and thanks for visiting my website. I'm a full stack developer by the name of Kazi Sufiyan, and I have a passion for building stunning and useful websites. Technology and the manner in which it may be applied to tackle problems in the real world have always captivated me. That's why I made the decision to pursue a career in web development: I wanted to be able to create useful and effective websites that would enable people and organisations to accomplish their objectives.

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    Kazi Sufiyan

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    +91 8879269539

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    22 Years

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    Bachelors in Commerce

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My SkillsI'm great in what I do and I'm loving it

I have a broad variety of expertise in front-end and back-end programming, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Django, Flask, MySQL, and more. I'm also skilled in Agile development, responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, web performance optimisation, testing, and debugging. I can provide top-notch solutions that are tailored to your unique demands thanks to my knowledge.









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See our vision come to life

 Anytime Mistri
Website Development

Anytime Mistri

 Deals with Anam
Website Development

Deals with Anam

 Lab plus

Lab plus

A website for a  manufacturing company

A website for a manufacturing company

A student management software for classes
Admin panel

A student management software for classes

A website for a beauty brand

A website for a beauty brand

A Portfolio website for a digital maketer

A Portfolio website for a digital maketer

A website for a digital agency

A website for a digital agency

Website for a development and marketing agency

Website for a development and marketing agency

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Expertise that drives results

Frontend development

Frontend development services used frontend architecture, a collection of tools and procedures to enhance the quality of frontend code, to build effective and long-lasting web applications.

Backend development

I create fault-tolerant back-ends for websites and cross-platform applications using the latest technology trends, ensuring compatibility across multiple devices and platforms for businesses.

Web Development

I offer web design and development services, including mobile web development and responsive website designs to provide our clients with expert solutions.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance involves more than just updating your website. It includes important considerations such as website security and content relevance.

API Development

As a software development specialist, I specialize in creating Python APIs with the Django REST framework to facilitate data exchange and workflow integration.

Desktop Application

I specialize in Python desktop application development, creating new software for Windows and enhancing existing desktop apps.

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Why work with meBest result with top user experience

  • Timely Delivery

    I prioritize prompt delivery and open communication to meet deadlines and keep clients informed of project progress.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    I deliver cost-effective solutions that meet client requirements by using the latest development tools and techniques.

  • Technical Support and Maintenance

    After your project launches, I provide technical support and maintenance services to ensure smooth operation, security, and functionality


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Mumbai, Maharashtra

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